Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, end view Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, neck Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, side view

floating bridge oud -
Munir Bashir played such a model

This is the aoud ( oud, ud ) model that Munir Bashir finally played. You may have seen this in various videos in Youtube, pictures in the web and especially on his CD covers. And also nearly all the members of his ensemble "Al Bayrak" played this model. These were his students Naseer Shamma, Ali Hassan, Raed Koshaba and many more. They all still play this model and love it and some do not want to have another model as for instance Marcel Khalife, who could get it second hand.

Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, back side and pegbox

This model is basically different to the traditional aoud models. Caused by this it produces a much more bright, warm and full sound. Caused by the floating bridge, it needs a higher string tension, but this gives a enormous power and self-assertion but a fine and differentiated and wide spread out sound.

Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, soundboard

This Model has the following properties:

  • Mould with 21 ribs of rosewood ( indian rosewood, brazilian rosewood, or other types, curly maple or cherry for cheaper versions )
  • Soundboard of fine europea spruce with three oval open soundholes surrounded by indian rosewood and the boarder has an inlay of rosewood to give a good protection to it.
  • The neck has inside a light wood which is veneered with rosewood or other wood which fits to the fingerboard or the pegbox.
  • The fingerboard is made from rosewood, indian rosewood or ebony.
  • Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, pegbox
  • The pegbox is made from beech or maple and is veneered in most cases with rosewood or other hard wood fitting to the fingerboard or pegbox.
  • For the pegs I use Plumwood, boxwood or olive wood, the best coice for this purpose
  • The body gets a light coat of a synthetic varnish. On special request french polishing may be applied.
  • On request a special custom case is available

In november 2008 there has been a concert with Raed Koshaba and Joss Turnbull Aoud Modell after Munir Baschir, roses in the KunstPalais Badenweiler. From this concert you will find a vidio-clip in Youtube, where Raed Koshaba played this instrument. Have look to my video page.

the actual delivery time for your new Aoud will be 8 - 10 month

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