Gamil Georgy - egyptian Aoud - 1920

In february 2010 I did receive this instrument. It is planned to restore this instrument during this year. The condition is nearly good. Body, neck, fingerboard and pegbox are very good, without any damages. Only the soundboard is not o.k. it is very thin, the bars are extremely small and caused by earlier repairs there is a lot of modern white glue at different places, which has to be removed. The soundboard has first to be removed completely and then the decicion if the sound board can be used again or has to be replaced can be done. Furthermore parallel to this restoration it is planned to make a copy of this instruments.

I will make reports about the restoration of this aoud. New additions and pictures will be announced in my RSS-Feeds.

Soundboard length: 507 mm
Soundboard width: 335 mm
string length: 609 mm
body depth: 170 mm
neck width: 44/52 mm
neck thickness: 26,2 / 28,6 mm

7. Orientalische Musik-Sommerakademie
31.8. - 3.9.2017

Workshops in oriental music for:
Aoud - Perkussion - Gesang - Nay - Kanun - Violine/Djoze